93 Feet Beats: Tapes & Multitrack Samples of ‘Poisson Noir_sans bars’

93 Feet Beats: Tapes & Multitrack Samples of ‘Poisson Noir_sans bars’

Score: a triple find here today. All at once: 93 Feet Beats, a cassette series by David Vs. Goliath, the record label founded by Swedish hip-hop collective Looptroop Rockers. Today’s smooth beat tape by Swedish producer Chords in the series. And the third is one for beatmakers: you can sample multitracks from the tape right away via Tracklib.

93 Feet Beats is a homage to the beat culture, started last year by Looptroop’s Cosmic and Embee. Each 20-minute cassette tape comes with hand-drawn artwork. So far the series includes tapes by Budo (Rhymesayers), Gravy Sparks (the producer alias of Prop Dylan), DJ Large (of MBMA – a Swedish abbreviation which translates to Bullied Kids With Machine Guns), and Looptroop’s own Isak’sSon and Embee. And a fun fact for those who never stomped on a cassette tape, and rolled out the magnetic tape to measure it (myself included): that’s apparently 93 feet for tapes with 20 minutes of music.

On top of the digital release of Chords’ Poisson Noir_sans bars beat tape, several multitracks (synths, drums, keys & bass) of the release were made available right away via Tracklib. Quite a forward-thinking way of releasing music, to give back to fellow producers.

To any beatmaker drooling by now, in case it’s new to you: Tracklib is a music service that enables producers to sample and officially license(!) original recordings. Tracks by Isaac Hayes, The Stylistics, Philly Groove Records, Cavendish Music, and 100K others, all affordable and legal to sample…

Get several multitracks from the beats on Poisson Noir_sans bars here

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