Quelle Chris – Sudden Death (Crème de la Crème #3)

Quelle Chris – Sudden Death (Crème de la Crème #3)

In ‘Crème de la Crème’, illustrator MC Blue Matter talks about music he draws inspiration from—and actually draws the artist while he listens.

During those crazy times, I try hard to stay positive: I create at least one art piece a day, I take showers regularly, watch good movies, and listen to good-ass music. You know, the type of music you listen to while dancing soaking wet in the rain. There are a couple of songs that make me feel like that: “The Light” by Common, “Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance the Rapper, and almost every song Stevie Wonder has ever made.  We all have our own list. And Quelle Chris’ “Sudden Death” just made mine.

“Sudden Death” is the first single from Quelle Chris’ collab album, Innocent Country 2, with producer Chris Keys. The track features smooth keys and a killer bassline that leaves plenty of room for Quelle to riff and vocalize. Quelle Chris channels his inner R&B crooner to deliver smooth-as-butter melodies.

Quelle Chris 2

The whole thing feels very free improvisational and free-spirited and it makes sense considering the track is about seizing the moment. As I see it, the message of the song is that we could die any day, so we better make it count: “Just clear that desktop, start fresh. Just let your seat back, take a breath. You’ll find it’s worth it cause life ain’t perfect”.

Staying positive while facing difficulties can sometimes be difficult. So, if you’re having a crappy day, just turn on “Sudden Death”, it will lift your spirit and make your day just a little less crappy.

Quelle Chris 3

Gabriel Amzallag b.k.a. MC Blue Matter is an illustrator from Lille, France. He's part of the Jakarta Records family after living in Berlin for a while. Aside from that, he's made illustrations for the likes of Darker Than Wax, Melodiesinfonie, Dr. Dundiff, and as the co-creator of 'The Limelight' series by The Find Mag. But above all: he's a rap fan from the cradle to the grave.