Rucksack Records: A Label by The Find Mag

Rucksack Records: A Label by The Find Mag

The Find’s twelve-plus year run of digging, listening, and playing with the idea to release more of the music we love, led to this: Rucksack Records. Founded to support independent artists who make heads nod and jaws drop.

Rucksack Records strives to support artists who take hip-hop, beats & jazz to new heights. Those who deeply care about the craft, and who have fun while doing so. Think of producers who master an instrument. Those who cross genres. Or beatmakers who dare to be playful with their music and to do things differently, rather than going for easy wins.

We want to support artists who look back to the origins we all love, but who think forward to discover the outer frontiers of beatmaking. Thus the tagline “Looking back, thinking forward.”


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Just an ordinary guy always on the hunt for extraordinary music. Not just as the founder of The Find Magazine & Rucksack Records, but also as a freelance music journalist (bylines at Tracklib, Bandcamp, Wax Poetics, DIG Mag, among others) and—above all—out of love for all kinds of good music.