Support: Durazzo Was Robbed Of All Equipment And Records

Support: Durazzo Was Robbed Of All Equipment And Records

One of the most dedicated beatheads in the US, B. Durazzo, recently had his van stolen which was also home to all of his equipment and record collection. For the past few years, Durazzo has been driving around the country in his van, bringing his unique style of dual MPC live performance to as many crowds as possible. 

This awful misfortune is a massive detriment to the underground scene as Durazzo has popularized raw hip hop beats immensely through his various YouTube videos of live unsequenced beats and collection of beattapes. The list of robbed goods totals over $20,000 and sadly is not covered through insurance. Thus, Durazzo has launched an IndieGoGo campaign looking to raise just over $5K to cover the very basics of MPCs, turntable, mixer, records, and monitors.

If you aren’t familiar with B. Durazzo’s work, check out the video below, browse through more of his YouTube channel and download some of his beattapes. Do what you can and support Durazzo financially so he can get back to making music as soon as possible!


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