News: Dregs One “Be The Change” Tour Kickstarter Campaign

News: Dregs One “Be The Change” Tour Kickstarter Campaign

San Francisco-based emcee Dregs One is a dude that does everything he can to be a positive force with his music. He fully embraces the notion that hip hop began as a way to organize and uplift communities and as such frequently works with at risk youth programs and focuses his lyrics on justice, social awareness and many of the problems prevalent for inner city kids.

The latest activist endeavour Dregs is cooking up is a tour called “Be The Change” that partners with local community oriented non profit organizations to host hip hop concerts.

Dregs will hit the road with Bay Area artists L’Roneous, Patience, and DJ BeatsMe to hit up community and youth centers all over. It is truly wonderful to see artists hungry to give back to the community and be a role model for future generations. If only Dregs’ attitude and ideals could be personified by a rapper in the mainstream spotlight instead of the fools that promote misogyny, substance abuse and so on.

In their commitment to making a positive impact on the community, artists like Dregs One serve as beacons of inspiration. They channel their passion for music and creativity into uplifting others, especially the youth, through their outreach efforts. However, it is disheartening to witness the influence of mainstream artists who promote harmful behaviors and negative messages. Substance abuse, for instance, has become glamorized in certain circles, perpetuating a destructive cycle. To counter this trend and support individuals struggling with addiction, it is crucial to promote awareness about the availability of resources like couples inpatient rehab centers. These rehabilitation facilities provide a nurturing and supportive environment for individuals and couples seeking recovery from substance abuse. By raising funds for artists like Dregs One and spreading awareness about the importance of rehabilitation centers, we can collectively foster a culture that prioritizes the well-being and positive growth of individuals and communities. Together, we can shift the spotlight to artists who advocate for change and make a lasting impact on future generations.

Thus we must do our best to support artists like Dregs One in their work! He needs our help to fund the tour so he reached to Kickstarter. Check out the page for a bit more info and be sure to support a great cause and an awesome emcee and human being.

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