News: Budamunk and Mabanua are Green Butter

News: Budamunk and Mabanua are Green Butter

Green Butter is the very fitting name for new collaboration of Budmank and Mabanua. The hazy smooth sounds of the Japanese duo can be found on their new 13-track album, ‘Get Mad Relax’, released today through iTunes.

The tracks are definitely on point, relaxing laid back and smokey vibes that are as spreadable and intoxicating as THC-infused butter.

1. Grocery Bags
2. Appertif
3. Cruise Early
4. Velvet Sofa
5. Upstair Living
6. Stove Top Borealis
7. pillow landing
8. Moon Skate
9. Morning Green feat. Mimismooth
10. The Smooth Route
11. Move Rhythm (the war remix) Feat. Joe Styles
12. low tide
13. Where The Heart Is (butter instrumental) Feat. Mimmismooth


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