News: Producer Arts The Beatdoctor in search of voices

News: Producer Arts The Beatdoctor in search of voices

Producer and composer Arts The Beatdoctor is looking for special voices to incorporate in his upcoming release. He is searching for input other than his own, in the form of voice recordings. Anybody willing to record his voice can enter his/her vocal input. Expect these voices to be filtered, chopped up, reversed, and mangled in other ways by the Dutch producer.

Music: Arts The Beatdoctor – Decreasing Daylight

After his solo releases and group efforts with The Q4 in 2010, Arts The Beatdoctor is now working on a new solo record, to be released later this year. Since his first releases, his songs have been marked by the unorthodox use of vocals. Whether it is the unusual way of flipping a vocal sample from a dusty record, or the incorporation of vocal talent in a much bigger instrumental arrangement, Arts The Beatdoctor is inspired by the challenge of taking vocals out of their usual context.

This project marks the next step in that challenge – working with material beyond his control, and finding its often hidden quality. The deadline for sending in recordings is February 1st. Click the link below for the complete instructions.

Send Your Voice

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