Diggin’ The Crates Podcast by Vice beats (Presented by The Find)

Diggin’ The Crates Podcast by Vice beats (Presented by The Find)

UK-based journalist and hip-hop producer Vice beats explores the inner workings of some of hip-hop’s most respected lyricists, producers, promoters, and tastemakers. All through a new podcast called Diggin’ The Crates, presented by The Find.

Throughout the first season, Diggin’ The Crates explores their inspiration, challenges, learnings, and more. Diggin’ The Crates doesn’t follow a set structure, each episode is a different length based on the length of the conversation. We want these amazing voices to be heard, uncut, and true to life, telling untold stories.

In the first season (starting Friday May 15th, with a new episode each Friday), you’ll hear conversations with a producer who got his first break by freestyling to EPMD, a friend and ally of legendary producers like J Dilla and Madlib, a comedian dedicated to creating a UK hip-hop movement, and one of the originators of sampling as we know it today.

Listen to the trailer on top of this post — you might be able to guess a few of the guests by looking at the trailer’s cover art. Or watch a video teaser below by [Sic] Film, creator of all Diggin’ The Crates graphics.

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Music producer under the moniker of Vice beats, event manager and editor for Wordplay Magazine, and host of The Find's 'Diggin' The Crates' podcast.