Art: Hyuro’s inner thoughts

Art: Hyuro’s inner thoughts

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) but currently living in Valencia (Spain), Hyuro has been covering the walls of Western Europe and part of South America with personal ideas asking for your meditation.

Hyuro (whose name is a mix between her surnames) limits herself to paint only in black and white so she can focus on the drawing’s visual expression and the idea she wants to reflect.

You can tell her work is strongly influenced by Escif, and fair enough, Hyuro left the canvases when she met him and found in the streets – where you need to work quickly and be direct – the perfect way to keep her work evolving. She is also influenced by Roa, especially in the details, Swoon and Blu and likes the works of more traditional artists like Picasso, Rothko and Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín.

The placement of her works is not casual, abandoned spots and “sad” walls welcome dreamy little worlds full of Hyuro’s personal fears and concerns, social and identity issues. Simplicity is the key to spread an ephimeral message wrapped in a delicate and surreal imagery.

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Lara (Spain) is a graphic designer & occasional illustrator. Graffiti hunter. Music lover. Not necessarily in that order.