Nobody Killed the Radio Star: Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards

Nobody Killed the Radio Star: Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards

Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards is back for its fourth edition. With the continued rise of podcast consumption and the evergrowing popularity of mixes, it’s a welcome moment of curation to discover the very best from all that’s available. This year there’s a total of 31 (sub)categories, ranging from Hip Hop to Funk/Soul to Talk Shows, and everything in between. 

This edition includes three new awards focused on New Stations and the “Rising Stars” of online radio. And that’s what we find particularly interesting: platforms like Mixcloud enable anyone to shine—whether it’s as a DJ or curator, or by way of a radio show. The stage is open for everyone. You don’t have to grace flyers of hip parties every week to be heard.

With that being said, it’s quite fascinating to be able to unearth so much skill and independent talent coming from DIY home studios, small student rooms or apartments from all around the globe. Day in, day out. Let alone the music they select, hours worth of digging for you as a a listener. All thanks to online radio.

Online Radio Awards 2017

We’re happy to announce that The Find is part of this year’s panel of judges, in good company with the likes of Discogs, SXSW, BBC Radio, Resident Advisor, Music Is My Sanctuary, Soulection, amongst others.

The deadline to enter this year’s Online Radio Awards is Sunday 20th August. You can enter yourself, as well as nominate your favorite shows or stations. Or ask your listeners and friends to nominate you to increase your odds. Click the link below to nominate yourself or others:

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