Video: Joey Bada$$ – Songs from Scratch (+ Free MP3)

Video: Joey Bada$$ – Songs from Scratch (+ Free MP3)

If you haven’t heard of the 17 year old emcee Joey Bada$$ yet, well you might as well get familiar because the dude is going to be a major force in hip hop in the coming years.

He is at the forefront of a young crew of New York City hip hoppers called Pro-Era and has received acclaim from far and wide including co signs by cats like Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. Mos Def). His appeal is well deserved as the kid has a penchant for gritty boom bap beats and a flow heavier than Serena and Venus Williams on the rag.

This video shows the people from Yours Truly and Adidas getting the Pro-Era crew in the studio after school one Thursday to create a new song from scratch. Chuck Strangers on the beat and Joey on the rhymes together are a force to be reckoned with, check this out for a taste of hip hop’s future!

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