Video: EarFood Project – Episode 1 & 2

Video: EarFood Project – Episode 1 & 2

This web series takes ‘cooking up beats’ to a whole other level. Like-minded creatives of Collective Resonance and Sole Glow Collective present EarFood Project, set up with the idea to ask their favorite artists from all over the world what food they love to eat and glean insight as to why.

Collective Resonance: “We then go ahead and attempt to make/cook it whilst their music is played in the background. We hope to inspire all the music lovers to be healthy and prepare good wholesome food for themselves.”

The first edition features London-based producer Naughty Hippo, his track “Lay-Z Day” and one of his favorite meals: spaghetti bolognese. As for the second episode, you can watch EarFood cook up South Carolina based producer Prof.Logik’s favorite meal, chicken curry & veggies with brown rice, whilst treating your ears to Prof’s wonderful “Real Ting Dis (ReFlux)”, a track that fittingly features some Caribbean influence.

Enjoy the music and food and head over to the EarFood site for recipes and cooking instructions if this video series makes you hungry.

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