Video: Gummy Soul – Bap City (Video Remixes + Free Download)

Video: Gummy Soul – Bap City (Video Remixes + Free Download)

The creators of  93 Still and Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To The Pharcyde are back with another remix project. This time Gummy Soul presents Bap City, a video remix project reinterpreting the grimey and gritty side of hip hop’s golden era, inspired by the iconic TV show Rap City.

“Everyday in high school, I would come home and watch Rap City,” says Wally Clark, founder of Gummy Soul“That’s how I would discover some of the more underground artists of the time, such as Teflon and Smoothe Da Hustler. I wanted to create a block of videos that could be viewed together, and would capture the essence of watching Rap City in the 90s.”

Bap City includes drum-heavy reworks of material by AZ, Kool G Rap, Artifacts, The Beatnuts, Tha Alkoholiks, Diamond D, and more. Watch the full video mixtape below, download the eight remixes for free, or get the videos on a limited edition DVD.

Download our free OnTape app for iPhone/iPad to enjoy the Bap City video remixes on your mobile devices, including other The Find video playlists. It’s not our own app, but a collaboration with video mixtape platform DragOnTape. Speaking of which, let us know if you would like an official The Find app.


1. M.O.P. & Heather B – My Kinda Nigga (Gummy Soul Remix) 03:52
2. AZ – The Come Up (Gummy Soul Remix) 03:58
3. Smoothe Da Hustler – Hustlin’ (Gummy Soul Remix) 04:31
4. Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks (Gummy Soul Remix) 02:39
5. The Beatnuts – Hit Me With That (Gummy Soul Remix) 03:30
6. Teflon – Get Mine (Gummy Soul Remix) 04:31
7. Kool G Rap – It’s A Shame (Gummy Soul Remix) 03:56
8. Alkaholiks ft. Diamond D – Next Level (Gummy Soul Remix) 03:57

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