Top 15: Dope Beatmakers You Should Know

Top 15: Dope Beatmakers You Should Know

With each passing year, the production side of hip hop music becomes increasingly accessible through both digital and analog software and devices. The result is a massive glut of beatmakers and beat tape floating around the web through the likes of Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

While sifting through all of the music available is impossible, we’ve broken down a list of some of the most exciting emerging beatmakers.

Much like the previous list of dope emcees in 2013, this list is aimed to shine a light on more “underground” artists, ignoring the major hype around recognized and established media darlings. The artists included in this list have either dropped their first projects or vinyl releases in 2013, had a particularly successful breakthrough from obscurity or developed a thoroughly unique style and sound. Feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page or Instagram.

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Top 15 Emerging Beatmakers 2013

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