Stream: G Bonson – Do My Thing

Stream: G Bonson – Do My Thing

Every once in a while we turn on a record or some digital files, and while head-nodding we realise we didn’t share it on The Find yet. Do My Thing by French producer, DJ and crate digger G Bonson is one of those releases. It’s all about sharing ‘finds’ for us, so here we are. 

After quite some production work and remixes for the likes of Wax Tailor, The Herbaliser, Puppetmastaz and Dafuniks, Do My Thing is his first own full-length release on French imprint LZO Records. The hip hop album is full of soul and passion, with G Bonson using original sample usage and heaps of diverse influences for a great piece of art full of surprises.

From the funky breaks on “Funky Lover” to the refreshing and melodic “Stop”, and from the uptempo house-y remix of “Love & Understanding” to the eerie “Popping Pong”; G Bonson has done ‘his own thing’ for sure. The two-sided track “Unlucky Woman” with clear trip-hop influences is also one of the highlights if you ask us.

Get Do My Thing on CD, vinyl or as digital download below to get all (bonus) tracks. Dopeness galore, browse his Bandcamp page if you are eager to hear more of his music.


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