Stream: Blazo – Colors Of Jazz 2 (Teaser Tracks)

Stream: Blazo – Colors Of Jazz 2 (Teaser Tracks)

Blazo is back from his hiatus! The Polish producer is preparing the release of a sequel to his praised Colors Of Jazz project. As of right now there’s no information about a release date, but luckily for you there are three jazz-infused teaser tracks to keep you warm on this chilly day.

The second track, “Fresh Green,” is without any doubt our favorite tune off this teaser. It seems like Colors Of Jazz 2 will be released through Tokyo-based record label Introducing! Productions, Blazo’s home base, so keep an eye out for more details. We can only hope for a proper vinyl release – and for a second installment of Jazz Format to complement the album.


Blazo Colors Of Jazz 2

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