The Soviet-sampling on LTF’s New ‘Monolith’ Record

The Soviet-sampling on LTF’s New ‘Monolith’ Record

Today marks the release of LTF’s journey into retrofuturistic Soviet sounds. For Monolith, he sampled obscure Soviet jazz and funk records to create deep and heavy hip-hop productions. No wonder another website called him “the young Russian Madlib” yesterday…

Russian producer LTF uses analog synthesizers, dub techniques, and subtle knob turns on a delay pedal to morph the context of these samples. The hype sticker sums up this new record: “Who is LTF, you ask? Imagine Large Professor, The Herbaliser & Scientist digging in Soviet crates together, using the grooves they find for deep & heavy instrumental hip-hop.” Monolith is the official follow-up to 2018’s Jazz Echo on Dday One’s The Content Label.

The Monolith LP is now available on Rucksack Records’ Bandcamp. Each record comes with a hype sticker on the shrink wrap, liner notes and photography on the back of the cover, and a special infinitely looped last track on the B-side (yup). The record is also available at HHV Records and Vinylism. However, the Soviet-style Solid Red edition with inverted labels is only available on Bandcamp.

Listen to LTF’s Monolith on any streaming platform, or order the record on Bandcamp.

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