Mix: Secret Stash Records – Peruvian Digging

Mix: Secret Stash Records – Peruvian Digging

Peru is a country of incredibly rich and diverse cultural beauty. The land has roots in many ancient civilizations culminating with the Inca Empire which was toppled by Spanish Conquistadors. Over the years indigenous and foreign influences melted into one another to create modern day Peru.

Peruvian music defies attempts of classification. There are several distinctively unique styles originating from the mountains, the coast, and the jungle. Add to the mix the African descendants who were brought to South America as slaves and the 60s and 70s influence of western rock, jazz, and funk and you have the tasty cocktail that is Peruvian musical history.

Secret Stash Records discovered this music through a Peruvian ex-pat living in the US and knew they had to work to shine a light on the often neglected sonic wonders from Peru. Through several compilations and a reissue, they painted a colorful portrait of Peruvian afro, funk, jazz, and cumbia that is a great introduction to the country’s music. This mix displays songs from several of their releases exploring Peruvian music and our interview with them further discusses the topic. If you enjoy these sounds I encourage you to purchase some of the releases and investigate the music further.

1. NICOMEDES SANTA CRUZ – Mama Luchita, Rhythms of Black Peru
2. Black Sugar – The Looser – Peruvian Funk
3. Los Destellos – Constelación – Constelación
4.  Sofia Rei – Quizas Un Dia Asi– Pena
5. Pena – El Mayoral – Pena
6. Bossa 70 – Here Comes The Hiltons – Peruvian Funk
7. Andres Prado – Chincha – Pena
8. ARTURO “ZAMBO” CAVERO- El Alcatraz – Rhythms of Black Peru
9. Nils Jazz Ensemble – Hard Work – Peruvian Funk
10. Los Destellos – Pachanga Española – Constelación

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