Guest Mix: DJ Mace – SEE-A-SOUND (2012)

Guest Mix: DJ Mace – SEE-A-SOUND (2012)

DJ Mace did a mix in affiliation with Laid Back Radio and The Find Magazine on account of the opening of the exhibition SEE-A-SOUND. An interdisciplinary project in which ten acclaimed autonomous designers and an equal number of talented producers/DJs teamed up to produce ten serigraphs and accompanying musical compositions.

SEE-A-SOUND shows you how music is seen by a designer and heard by a musician. How the one inspires the other. The exhibition starts tonight (opening) until April 20, 2012 in Tilburg (Netherlands) and is organized by Fremdtunes, Mashville and bkkc. DJ Mace did this mix with tunes of artists who are (in)directly related to the artists who participate in SEE-A-SOUND.

Mace is one of the initiators of Fremdtunes, a Dutch independent record label, mainly focusing on beats- and groove-based, electronic music. So far, working with artists like DJ Optimus, Kelpe, Coco Bryce, Kid Sundance, Mister Adam, DJ Devastate, Jameszoo, El da Sensei, Soosh, DJ Vindictiv, Erwin Vann, Pierce Warnecke, Big Mister Doom, Pierce Warnecke, Superelectric, Grazzhoppa, Saccage, Klaas Verplancke, Solo Moderna and many others.

See you at the exhibition if you get a chance to visit it (and get a free pocketsize expo-magazine brought to you by The Find!), or just enjoy these good tunes if you can’t.

1. Preface by DJ Mace
2. Mo & Grazz – Anywhere But Here (Versatell Remix) – Featherperm Records
3. Kid Sundance ft Dudley Perkins – Peace (Yes) – Fair Deal Records
4. Rise – Do you know him? – Phono Synthetic Records
5. DJ Optimus ft MC Rise & DJ Mace – Welcome To Cybertron – Fremdtunes
6. OptiMace – Arthur’s Day Off – Fremdtunes
7. Sina – Kelpe Remix – Project Mooncircle
8. Kelpe – Red Berries – Exclusive Unreleased
9. Architeq – Into The Cosmos – Tirk
10. Fremdkunst – Elodie Sanson – Mixed live sessions ft Eric Vloeimans, Mete Erker, Baba Sissoko, Vindictiv, Optimus, Shycop
11. Brigitte Fontaine – Comme A La Radio – Saravah
12. Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez – Beijos Seus Labios – Musique Large
13. Spartan Lover – Sleigh Of Hand – Kluts
14. KRSUR – Starlights (Naive Machine Remix) – Myor
15. Jameszoo – Morangueiro – Fremdtunes
16. Jameszoo – Kiwanushi and the cheesechildren – Fremdtunes
17. Julian Edwardes – Blurry Banjo – Fremdtunes
18. Dunkelbunt – The Chocolate Butterfly (Solo Moderna Remix Instrumental) – Chat Chapeau
19. DJ Grazzhoppa – Words Of Knowledge – Chess Move Cartel
20. Coco Bryce – Dub Rap Remix ft DJ Mace & Mete Erker – Fremdtunes

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