Free MP3: Sureshot Symphony Solution – Half Man, Half Bionic (ft. Ohmega Watts)

Free MP3: Sureshot Symphony Solution – Half Man, Half Bionic (ft. Ohmega Watts)

DJ Sureshot a.k.a. the Sureshot Symphony Solution unveils the first track off his new album Elegant Aggression featuring emcee Ohmega Watts. Blending hard-hitting hip hop production with lush live jazz-rock instrumentation, the album is an eclectic mix of modern funk and psychedelic boom bap. 

As one half of production duo Sharpshooters, DJ Sureshot focused on bridging the gap between hip hop and jazz in the early days. Their 1996 debut Choked Up was a mixture of live instrumentation and sample-heavy boom bap. Sureshot’s crate-digging expertise later led him to release some break records and reissues.

His new project entitled Elegant Aggression puts a heavy emphasis on experimentation and is influenced by the psychedelic sound from the 60s and 70s. Guest appearances include Jamaican-Canadian singer The Mighty Pope and neo-soul artist Coultrain. The full-length album is set to hit physical and digital stores on September 25th. You can pre-order Elegant Aggression here.

In the meantime we’re eagerly looking forward to the announced solo material by Ohmega Watts on Mellow Orange. We’ll publish about it on as soon as there are more details available.

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