Free Download: The Flamingo’s – Cyclical (2012)

Free Download: The Flamingo’s – Cyclical (2012)

This new EP by Rally and Don Cruso of The Flamingo’s includes some surprising dubstep influences on Garcia y Vega and Cyclical, which is the complete opposite of the musical spectrum than mellow hip hop tracks on this EP like Essence and Sangria. 

The Flamingo’s: “Look for videos for Garcia y Vega and Shine 2.0 later this summer. Rally a.k.a. Stephen Crabtree produced all the tracks and raps alongside Don Cruso a.k.a. Marcus Mcalpin. It’s the most experimental release from the Flamingo’s to date.”

1. Essence 02:12
2. Shine 2.0 02:45
3. Sangria 02:24
4. Nutrition 03:30
5. Cyclical 03:49
6. Garcia y Vega 03:10

Free Download

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