Free Download: Suff Daddy – Dutch Passion 2006 EP (2011)

Free Download: Suff Daddy – Dutch Passion 2006 EP (2011)

This EP of Suff Daddy beats made around 2006 is definitely one for the blunted beat heads. Jazzed up instrumentals and plenty of cannabis related ramblings make this the perfect album to play when you rip a big bong toke, hold that ish in, and then exhale while nodding your head.

Marijuana has always been a big part of hip hop culture, a notion that is fully embraced by these beats. Joints used to be called ‘Jazz Cigarettes’ back in the day, because they were often sold in jazz clubs and associated with jazz musicians and culture.  So take a few minutes to roll up a jazz cigarette, spark it, and dig the jazz vibes.

1. Kicks
2. High Adventures
3. The Big Hit
4. Splim
5. On&On&On

Free Download

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