Art: Teebs’ Solo Show Lady Luck

Art: Teebs’ Solo Show Lady Luck

It’s easy to draw parallels between Teebs a.k.a. Mtendere Mandowa’s visual and audio art, particularly the vibrant, iridescent, whimsical and dreamlike elements that appear on the surface. Upon further absorbing the art we come across subtle details that make the work more concrete and balanced.

The L.A.-based artist started out as just a skateboarder and street artist, and now is an internationally recognized musician. While he grows as a visual artist, working on more conventional and polished pieces to be shown in gallery spaces, he intertwines more collage aspects while still keeping many elements of his street style alive.

Last Friday night he showcased his art with an exhibition called Lady Luck at Pawn Works Gallery in Chicago. Previously, Teebs has shown his work in Honolulu along side other artists in August 2010, but Lady Luck is his first solo show.

The gallery is unique in further supporting works they show by printing vinyl stickers at no cost to the artist. Vending machines full of stickers are placed at various stores and make appearances at gallery openings. “We aim to provide people with a tangible piece of art at a low cost while connecting artists from around the globe. We will be providing something unique to the collector and artist alike” says Pawn Works.

Stickers from Lady Luck were available at the after party where Teebs played tracks from his newly released Collections 01. Joining him were friends including Shlohmo, Jeremiah Jae, Push Beats, and Phil Mixtape.

Jeremiah Jae and Teebs collaborating on a piece for Lady Luck

Mtendere Mandowa’s mixed media work uses collage, stencil, spray paint, charcoal and other various applications of paint. Past work by the LA native is frequently based on vinyl records, often painting on old records or vinyl jackets and sometimes using records as medium for a piece.

More Photos at the Pawn Works Gallery.