Free Download: GNs Compilation – Empty Shadows

Free Download: GNs Compilation – Empty Shadows

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Good Netlabels, a site devoted to the promotion of noteworthy endeavours within the underground scene, they’ve decided to release a new album in their compilation series.

Preview: Empty Shadows

The selection of tracks was done through a contest. Music enthusiasts as well as designers had their chance to pick the tracks for this amazing compilation. Most of the artists on this compilation were unknown to me, but I’m glad I took a chance to give this baby a listen. High quality organic beats, with atmospheric beats mixed in between. The production value on the whole compilation is amazing.

01 Fakear – 1985
02 Aske – Eight Days of Floating
03 Bogart – Empty Shadows
04 Lupid Ocampo – Elephant Mountain
05 Niteffect – Loop For Life
06 Vaginia Ludwigia – I tried to kill myself, but it didn’t work
07 Synnc – d400
08 Ears – Awake
09 Cactophage – Tesselation
10 Superpoze – Death On A Falling Star
11 Creep Crawl Flash – Vantage Point
12 Prod.B – Always in my head
13 CNK – Noir
14 DJ Friss – Make something
15 Eufoteoria – Terapia
16 evolv – September 1937
17 Alexander Chereshnev – Parfois (feat. MiElle)

Free Download