Compilation: In Loving Memory of DJ Devastate (1982—2018)

Compilation: In Loving Memory of DJ Devastate (1982—2018)

I wish this compilation didn’t exist. And first and foremost, that this post wouldn’t even be necessary. But here we are… Last week the news reached us that Per Ronge (p.k.a. DJ Devastate) passed away.

I’ve only been in touch with him through the so-called blogosphere, but it was a true pleasure to be in touch with him, and to collaborate with him over the years by way of releasing a few of his remixes. He always reached out with a contagious drive. Always putting music first: it struck me several times how he genuinely tried to get other artists he was working with into the limelight (such as Segerfalk and Max I Million), rather than solely focusing on promoting his own work. As the co-founder of Counterweight Records in the last five-ish years, but even so as a solo artist.

Let’s take a moment to remember him with this compilation, also to celebrate his passionate work as DJ Devastate. If you’re not too familiar with his work, then I’d also like to point out his excellent—and only—instrumental album, Movement/Silence (BBE Music, 2010).

R.I.P, Per.

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