Free Download: Depakote – I Live To Die And I Die To Live (2012)

Free Download: Depakote – I Live To Die And I Die To Live (2012)

Our California brother in beats Depakote finally dropped his highly anticipated instrumental LP I Live to Die and I Die  to Live. The dusty and emotional sample based released is his best work to date that is sure to add some depth to your digital library.

So many of these tracks are just oozing stylish soul with Depakote’s sublime sample usage and blunted funk vibes. Download for free and enjoy the niceness!

1. 1972 K-Mart Special 02:01
2. A Dollar To My Name 02:41
3. Beetlejuice 02:25
4. Cali to New Jerz 02:44
5. Can’t Let Go 03:39
6. Carrie Fisher 04:03
7. Casnoc is Dead 02:12
8. GullyFace 02:16
9. GutSlugX 03:31
10. HomeBoyz in OuterSpace 03:19
11. I can’t forget you 03:52
12. Intergalactic Depression 03:17
13. Live and Learn Vern 02:54
14. PartyFoul 03:38
15. The Black Hole 03:30

Free Download

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