Free Download: Awon, Kameleon Beats & Thomas Prime – Love Supersedes II (2012)

Free Download: Awon, Kameleon Beats & Thomas Prime – Love Supersedes II (2012)

Cult Classic Records are back at it and representing that organic jazz and soul infused hip hop through emcee Awon and producers Thomas Prime and Kameleon Beats! Awon is one of my favourite indie rappers so it’s great to hear some more work from him, especially backed by such dope beats.

You can be sure that CCR will continue to provide the smoothest hip hop and this is a perfect example of what they are about. Download this album and check their other releases, if you are lacking any, cop it as well!

1. Thomas Prime – Love Supersedes [Intro] (Side A) 02:03
2. Thomas Prime – Believe In Us ft. Awon (Side A) 03:17
3. Thomas Prime – Audio Therapy ft. Awon (Side A) 02:12
4. Thomas Prime – Busy Dreamin’ ft. Awon (side A) 02:07
5. Thomas Prime – Heroes & Villains ft. Awon (Side A) 03:09
6. Thomas Prime – Summer Love [Interlude] (Side A) 00:50
7. Thomas Prime – L.O.Z ft. Awon & Dicap (Side A) 03:18
8. Thomas Prime – Red Plastic Cups ft. Awon (Side A) 02:13
9. Thomas Prime – Without A Parachute ft. Awon (Side A) 03:56
10. Thomas Prime – Spit On It ft. Awon, Man J Raw & Mac the Menace (Side A) 03:25
11. Thomas Prime – Winter Love [Interlude] (Side A) 00:52
12. Thomas Prime – Shine ft. Awon (Side A) 03:21
13. Thomas Prime – Push ft. Awon (Side A) 03:05
14. Thomas Prime – The Responsible Hustle ft. Awon (Side A) 03:57
15. Thomas Prime – Heroes & Villains ft. Awon [Chill Mix] (Side A) 03:27
16. Kameleon Beats – Back With The Tracks ft. Awon (Side B) 03:32
17. Kameleon Beats – Never Say Never ft. Awon (Side B) 03:39
18. Kameleon Beats – Love Supersedes II ft. Awon (Side B) 03:47
19. Kameleon Beats – Waiting For The Slaughter ft. Awon & Mac the Menace (Side B) 03:49
20. Kameleon Beats – The Spotlight ft. Awon, FIV & Tiff the Gift (Side B) 03:37
21. Kameleon Beats – Still Conscious ft. Awon & Dicap (Side B) 04:22
22. Kameleon Beats – Audio Therapy II ft. Awon (Side B) 03:41
23. Kameleon Beats – For The Grimy ft. Awon (Side B) 03:47
24. Kameleon Beats – Crimes of Passion ft. Awon (Side B) 05:05

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