Free Download: 1ste One – More Colors (2012)

Free Download: 1ste One – More Colors (2012)

I often rave about the Russian and Eastern European beat scene, and well… I’ve come across another great artist from that area. 1ste One is a Belarusian beatmaker and his beat tape More Colors is sure to grace your ears with tasty morsels of savoury soulful and jazzy beatstrumentals.

This album is a pretty dope selection of beats that represent a whole spectrum of different colors. I can’t find very much at all about the artist and in fact was rather fortunate to stumble across the album on Bandcamp.

1. Blanched Almond 00:54
2. Smoky Topaz 02:23
3. Peach Puff 03:21
4. American Rose 02:36
5. Lapis Lazuli 02:18
6. India Green 01:17
7. Mauve Taupe 02:45
8. Portland Orange 02:37
9. Naples Yellow 02:34
10. Languid Lavender 02:34
11. Bleu de France 02:00
12. Dim Gray 02:08
13. Fuzzy Wuzzy 02:26
14. Crimson Glory 02:36
15. Mountain Meadow 01:46
16. Atomic Tangerine 02:17
17. Cafe au Lait 01:05

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