A Taste of Funk Darker’s ‘Dark and Dirty Journey into Funk & Soul’

A Taste of Funk Darker’s ‘Dark and Dirty Journey into Funk & Soul’

Enigmatic Minnesota resident Joshua Beardman a.k.a. Funk Darker is shrouded in mystery. Allegedly he’s a 69-year-old collecting vinyl for 50 years, messing around with Moogs and a talkbox in his undies. In a world with an orange-faced narcissist as the president of the US, even this could be true… 

Whoever Funk Darker a.k.a. Grandpa Groove a.k.a. Funky Hermit really is, he sure knows how to make music. Expect a synth-heavy mixture of funk, soul, hip-hop and a touch of electronica on next week’s debut album, A Dark & Dirty Journey Into FunkSoul.

The 69-year-old producer and talkbox artist turns out to be quite tech-savvy for his age. He hooked us up with two exclusive embeds from the upcoming album. Listen to the tracks “Old Man Alone” and “Run” below, before A Dark & Dirty Journey Into FunkSoul drops on April 28th. [update: full album now added below]

“Funk Darker” is on a mission to make the darkest and dirtiest FunkSoul records in this age. To bring back the jazzy originality of Stevie Wonder, the fire of Funkadelic/Parliament, and the urgency of James Brown into today’s music.”

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