Contest: Win your own one-of-a-kind vinyl record

Contest: Win your own one-of-a-kind vinyl record

In collaboration with Amsterdam-based startup Vinylify we present possibly one of our most exciting contests to date. Especially for producers, emcees, indie labels, and everybody else out there making music. The grand prize: a one-off 10″ vinyl record of your own music. Including your own artwork, the whole shebang.

Vinylify’s concept is for everybody: you can select tracks from their catalog (with music from affiliated labels and independent artists), or upload your own music (as long as you own the rights to it). They then press -well, in the case of Vinylify it’s actually cutting- your custom record in a popup store in the centre Amsterdam. They use German cutting machines from the eighties developed by a record collecting engineer, in combination with a Technics 1210 MK2 turntable. The outcome: vinyl-on-demand.

Artists, musicians or independent labels (take notice!) needing small quantities of vinyl for promotional purposes or limited edition releases can also use the Vinylify service. It’s also possible for artists to add their music to the Vinylify catalogs. Anyone, anywhere can then order the artist’s music on vinyl. The artists do get paid a loyalty of €0,60 (roughly $0,67) per track cut to vinyl, so the legal side is covered to. Easy does it.

Vinylify now ships to all countries worldwide. Or enter our contest to try your luck to get your very own special record.

Win your wax

– Submit your music by sharing links. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube… it’s all fine by us!
– Please note that Vinylify allows 10 minutes of music on each side, that’s 20 minutes in total (it’s mathematics)
– Also: it needs to be your own music, or you need to have the consent of the artist(s) if it’s not yours
– Submissions don’t have to be in topnotch audio files, we’ll contact the winner about that later on
– Send us an email, but even better: drop it on our Facebook page or in a comment below. That way others can check out your music as well. Our team will make sure to like/share the nicest entries. Because sharing is caring, right?

In a few weeks we’ll select the very best submission as the lucky winner.
We’re looking forward to find a whole lot of dope music!

More info: Vinylify

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