Contest: Win your own custom T-shirt design (+ ‘Bright Ideas’ prize package)

Contest: Win your own custom T-shirt design (+ ‘Bright Ideas’ prize package)

For the last 2+ years deebee, Mastro and Intrikit have unloaded their minds of ideas that they wanted to convey on record, culminating in the debut full-length album Bright Ideas. Head over to UGHH or Bandcamp to preview the album, place an order and get inspired to enter a unique contest. D.I.M., The Find Magazine, & ANTI Designs have joined forces to bring you this “Bright Ideas” contest.

All you have to do is make up your own unique quote that sums up your own “bright idea”, and explain it to us in an e-mail. Think of a music-related quote, personal wisdom, your life motto or any other bright idea you’re playing with.

The most creative quote will receive a prize package including D.I.M.’s debut CD Bright Ideas, Intrikit’s solo debut CD Concepts, a logo tee, an ANTI Designs logo tee and, last but not least, a custom designed tee based off of your winning personal quote!

We’ve enlisted ANTI Designs founder Jay LaCouture to put a visual twist on the quote and to create an original design that will represent your idea. The custom tee will also be featured worldwide on

Email your quote with a brief explanation to DIM [@] thefindmag dot com

About DIM:

DIM, the three seasoned, skilled and unique emcees deebee, Intrikit & Mastro unveil their long-awaited debut full length album, “Bright Ideas.” For those hip hop fans longing for something different, progressive & old school all-in-one in today’s world of throwaway, unimaginative and copycat rap, this is your ticket to a refreshing listening experience.

From beginning to end, DIM puts forth a consistent effort to keep you on your toes- with no two tracks sounding quite alike; yet at the same time offering a remarkably cohesive album with a distinguishably classic feel. The majority of production is handled by Intrikit, with added flavors from Rain (Moe Pope & Rain), Esh The Monolith and Dox (Poorly Drawn People). Tracks range from funky/upbeat (“Bumpercardilema” & “The Difference”) to darker/drudgy (“Dime” & “Attention Shoppers”) to classic boom bap (“Problem Child” & Adult-Lessons”).

Just an ordinary guy always on the hunt for extraordinary music. Not just as the founder of The Find Magazine & Rucksack Records, but also as a freelance music journalist (bylines at Tracklib, Bandcamp, Wax Poetics, DIG Mag, among others) and—above all—out of love for all kinds of good music.