Contest: Win a limited edition vinyl/digital bundle of Dday One’s ‘Mood Algorithms’

Contest: Win a limited edition vinyl/digital bundle of Dday One’s ‘Mood Algorithms’

Next month Dday One will release Mood Algorithms; a collection of unreleased early works by the Los Angeles based producer completed in 1998/1999. Dday One restored this release using modern audio techniques, and also taking recordings from the original session stored on D.A.T and 3.5″ floppy disk. In collaboration with Dday One and Rhythm Incursions, we are very excited to give away five vinyl/digital bundles of this upcoming limited edition release!

But first, today Dday One dropped his Stems Of Hip Hopmix, which is part of Rhythm Incursions’ ‘In Sessions’ podcast series. ‘Stems of Hip Hop’ was created circa 1999 with a turntable, mixer, tons of vinyl and a four-track as a tribute to advancements in experimental hip hop music and drum and bass that spawned from the pioneering days of sampling. In an effort to continue the process of sharing this work, it has now been digitized and released for free!

Win a limited edition ‘Mood Algorithms’ vinyl/digital bundle!

We will give away two bundles to the first right answers on the first question, and three to those of you who can name the track on the following time marks in the mix. So you don’t need to answer all of this to win!!

What is the name of the sampler on the cover above?

Update: The answer is Fairlight CMI. Congrats Romain and Paul!

– Name the track on one of these time marks in the ‘Stems Of Hip Hop’ mix above:

– 18:42 Update: The answer is ‘Lucky Thompson – Tea Time‘. Congrats Chad!
– 23:20 Update: The answer is The Bassline Xcursionits – Magic Rhyming Men. Congrats Jim!
– 30:41 Update: The answer is Optical & Ryme Tyme- Twisted. Congrats David!

UPDATE: Thanks to Dday One, we giveaway ONE more extra bundle. ‘Like’ this post and you might be the lucky winner…

Again, you only have to answer one of these four options to enter this contest. Good luck digging for the answer!
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