Contest: ‘I’ CD by Fuel Box, digital download codes & promo

Contest: ‘I’ CD by Fuel Box, digital download codes & promo

I don’t want to sound like an A&R scout talking about ‘hit potential’, but really: I feel like Fuel Box is on the verge of something bigger. We’re keeping an eye and ear peeled for them since early last year and with the current release of the album ‘I’, it’s great to see the Netherlands-based group gets more and more recognition for its raw, melodic and dark tunes.

At the date of the release, we’re glad the band agreed on doing another collab. First up, a contest to win the brand new album I, best described as if a 60s soul singer and a latter day hip hop producer cut an album together in 70s Jamaica. As always, easy does it:

Head over to the Fuel Box Facebook page, Like, and tell them what you think of their music

That’s it! Together with Fuel Box we’ll select one winner. We also have free digital download codes for those who don’t win the CD, so it’s almost instant winning! Josh, one half of Fuel Box, was also kind enough to throw together a 3-track promo of the album for us, which you can download here for free:

Free Promo Download // Order Album

1. Intro (Finally Home) 01:22
2. The One 02:52
3. Get Out 03:21
4. All These Things 03:41
5. Bits & Bytes 04:08
6. Working Spazz ft. Deams 03:49
7. How Can A Woman Change 02:41
8. What You Do For Love 03:51
9. So Much Soul 04:14
10. Cool 03:30
11. She Can’t Deliver 04:07
12. It Is On (Again) 04:05
13. One Day 03:54
14. Goin’ Down 04:08


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