Giveaway: Mentalow’s first mixtape on cassette

Giveaway: Mentalow’s first mixtape on cassette

Mentalow Music presents the aptly-titled Mentalow Mixtape Vol. 1, their very first limited edition cassette release. The tape is crammed with 70 minutes worth of dusty oldies, unreleased tracks and remixes. The French line-up of guests includes C2C, GUTS, aCatCalledFritz, DJ Lyrik, Dandy Teru, and of course Mentalow founders Pumpkin and Vin’S da Cuero.

You can download Mentalow Mixtape Vol. 1 for free, but what’s better than blowing the dust off your old cassette deck to enjoy new music? Christmas came early here at The Find, because we give away one copy of the physical tape. Try your luck and tell us about your tape collection, your favourite (beat) tape, or why you’re a tape geek. You can leave a comment below or post it on our Facebook page.


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