Review: Kid Sundance – Kid’s Colors

Review: Kid Sundance – Kid’s Colors

From Eindhoven, the Netherlands, dj, producer, co-founder of The Boomoperators, Kid Sundance surprised many hip hop fans over the years with his collaborations with the likes of Dudley Perkins, Busy Bee and remixing Ennio Morricone. Now, years later, Kid Sundance finally felt the time to drop his debut LP, Kid’s Colors on the wonderful Dutch Fremdtunes label.

Rarely one can hear a hip hop album like this. Especially in the Netherlands. Kid’s Colors shows that hip hop doesn’t necessarily needs that obscure disco or funk sample or nasty lyrics to stand out. This album is made in the tradition of 70s and 80s library and stockmusic compilations like those on KPM Records. Complete with track by track mood and sound information and a colored album sleeve by his seven-year-old son.

It’s hard to pinpoint this album. One moment you’ll find yourself trapped in a sci-fi, boogie-driven piece of music and the other moment it’s laidback vocoder time on The Diesel. That plus the Vintage gear, live instrumentations combined with no obvious sample use, warm melodies, deep boogie rhythms make Kid’s Colors a very mature and easy album to listen to which will definitely be appreciated within the hip hop community and far beyond.

Maybe it’s the 20+ years of DJing, collecting vinyl and producing music which led to this songwriting, arrangements and deep productions one can hear on Kid’s Colors. Does it matter? No. The only thing that counts is that you put some headphones on, drop the needle to the record and start listening to the Kid’s ColorsIt’s a well worth trippy journey!

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