News: New Lowkey album ‘Soundtrack To The Struggle’ out now (+ Video)

News: New Lowkey album ‘Soundtrack To The Struggle’ out now (+ Video)

October 15th marked an unprecedented united worldwide movement calling for global change. In 82 countries and 951 cities around the world people took to streets and squares calling for the removal of power from the hands of bankers, lobbyists, and politicians and into the hands of the people. 

Now on October 16th, revolutionary London MC Lowkey released an album called ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle’. The album is characterized by poignant socially and politically conscious messages and thought provoking lyrics. It is indeed a hip hop soundtrack to the global struggle against the powers that be. Listen to the album, read about the global movement, and get involved in any way you can. Spread change.


01. Soundtrack To The Struggle (prod. by Nutty P)
02. Too Much feat. Shadia Mansour (prod. by Nutty P)
03. Voices Of The Voiceless feat. Immortal Technique (prod. by Sivey)
04. Hand On Your Gun (prod. by ShowNProve)
05. Skit 1
06. Terrorist? (prod. by Red Skull)
07. Something Wonderful (prod. by Red Skull)
08. Dreamers feat. Mai Khalil
09. Skit 2
10. Obama Nation (prod. by Red Skull)
11. Skit 3
12. Cradle Of Civilisation feat. Mai Khalil (prod. by Quincey Tones)
13. Skit 4
14. Blood, Sweat and Tears feat Klashnekoff (prod. Nutty P)
15. Everything I Am (prod. by ShowNProve)
16. Skit 5
17. Long Live Palestine (prod. by Nutty P)
18. We Will Rise feat. Sanasino (prod. by Big G)
19. My Soul (prod. by Vendetta)
20. Skit 6
21. The Butterfly Effect (prod. by BeatNick & K-Salaam)
22. Obama Nation Pt. 2 feat. M1 (of Dead Prez) & Black The Ripper (prod. by Nutty P)
23. Dear England feat. Mai Khalil (prod. by BeatNick & K-Salaam)
24. Haunted feat. Mai Khalil (prod. by JetSun)
25. Terrorist? Part 2 feat. Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil (prod. by Last Resort)
26. Million Man March feat. Mai Khalil (prod. by Big G)


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