News: Michigan record store selling records from Dilla’s personal collection

News: Michigan record store selling records from Dilla’s personal collection

UHF Record Store in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit has come across a stash of thousands of records believed to have belonged to the late great J Dilla. While digging through crates of dusty dollar bin records, owner Jeff Bubeck found a box of cassettes with Jaydee Beats scrawled on them in black marker as well as lyric books and mail addressed to James Yancey and his parents, Maureen and Beverly Yancey.

Bubeck had stumbled upon a collection of records that were once property of one of the greatest and most revered producers of all time. With Dilla-mania growing by the day, these records are sure to become highly desirable and collecters items in their own unique way.

The records, marked with yellow tags, first hit the stores shelves on Record Store Day and will continue to slowly trickle through the store available for purchase for fanatics that want to get their hands on records once owned by a legendary crate digger. The proceeds are planned to be shared with the Dilla Foundation. Check out more information in this article from Detroit News.

How do you feel about this? Many of these records could be considered almost holy memorabilia that merits some sort of perservation. It would be a shame for all of this collection to be lost to personal collections. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t like to have my own piece of Dilla’s legacy on the shelf. Certainly an interesting development in the continuing story of Jay Dee.

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