News: DJ Grazzhoppa brings second edition of ‘Intricate Moves’

News: DJ Grazzhoppa brings second edition of ‘Intricate Moves’

After the first installment by turntablist Jabba Tha Kut, now it’s up to DJ Grazzhoppa to deliver the second edition in the turntablism series “Intricate Moves” by London-based collective Chess Move Cartel. The album is due out next month.

Expect guest appearances by the likes of Praverb, Blastah Beatz, Jazz T, Kwote1, DJ Grazzhoppa’s own DJ Big Band, and many more. Listen to the first official promo mix above, mixed by the Belgian turntablist himself. Stream the song ‘The Big Band Theory’ below, featuring ten DJs from Grazzhoppa’s big band, or download the track Party Rocka for free to get another taste.

‘Intricate Moves’ is a series of dedicated turntablism albums. Think along the lines of the Return Of The DJ album series, but strictly done by one DJ alone instead of a line-up consisting of various DJs. Hip hop beats covering a wide span of styles laced with a full range of cuts.

The Big Band Theory (ft. DJ Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band)

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