Guest Mix: Kool DJ Rico & Lilty – More Dusty Than Digital: The Find Edition (Vol. II)

Guest Mix: Kool DJ Rico & Lilty – More Dusty Than Digital: The Find Edition (Vol. II)

Sound the alarm: Kool DJ Rico & Lilty of More Dusty Than Digital are back to drop rare, new & old hip-hop bombs. Featuring Blockhead, Juggaknots, Teknical Development.IS, Sunz of Man, Native Trinity, and many more.

More Dusty Than Digital was founded around 1997 by Kool DJ Rico and Pro Celebrity Golf (owner & founder of Chopped Herring Records). About four years ago, Kool DJ Rico resurrected the title for his own weekly radio show. More Dusty Than Digital strives to deliver unheard indie hip hop from the mid-90s. Using the “more dusty than digital” line which was originally taken from El-P’s verse on Rawkus track ‘Nightwork’ by Sir Menelik a.k.a. Cyclops 4000.

More Dusty Than Digital Tracklist

HDM – Real MC’s
Concrete Click – Gone With The Wind
Pretzel’s Logic- Who You Think (Bonus Track)
Pauly Paps – War Scarz
Chace Infinite – Kinetic Energy
Rites Of Passage – Secret Fame
Gettoe Noize Productions – L.I.F.E. Feat. LP
The Legendary Villain – Hot Spots (G.A.P. Town Version) Feat. Tha Loonatick
One Step Beyond – Dedicated
215 Asasinz – Guaranteed Hot Shit
Native Trinity – Laws of the Land
Concrete Mob – Boiling Point
Street Connect – All Up In The Game
Private Eye – Friendly Skies
Crimedanch Cartel – Money Is The Key (Extended) Feat. LL Cool J
Annexx Click (Silouette) – The Fastlane
Smoked Out Productions – Bok Bok

The Speedknotz – Knotz Landing
Scaramanga – Death Letter
Speakeasy – Hi
The 1628 Factor – Receive a Lesson feat. Spectacular, Brewmasta
Nomad – Sadistic Flow
Suns of Man – We Can’t Be Touched
Ghetto Children – Elevations
UG – The Bottom Line
Zombi Squad – Never Went Out
Mood – Info For The Streets
Paula Perry – Paula’s Jam
KGB – Hey You!
Yaggfu Front – Mr Hook
JVC Force – The Move
Grassrootz – Grasslandz

Blockhead – Slippery Slope ft. billy woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breezly Brewin
General BackPain & Onaje Jordan – Panavision
The Throw Away Pistols – Shooting Goldfish
Gilead7 & Subtrax – Bomb Literal
Rob Cave and The Other Guys – Lets Get The Money
Crimeapple x Dj Skizz – Wet Dirt
K-Def – Left In My Dust ft Artifacts
Third Sight – Notebook Paper
Certain.Ones – Ominous Ankhs
Queen Herawin of The Juggaknots – Return of the G
Ekundayo – Sumo
Teknical & Figub Brazlevič – Nothing to Forgive (feat. derkalavier)
Gilead7 & Subtrax – Gilly and Arty go beastin feat. Arty Swell
Jihad the Roughneck MC – Retirement
Certain.Ones – Chain Reaction

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