Benito Turntable – Boom Bap Crackers (Guest Mix)

Benito Turntable – Boom Bap Crackers (Guest Mix)

It’s about time for a new guest mix. This time we present this all-boom bap mix by Benito Turntable. Featuring Devaloop, Damu, AK420, Mobb Deep, Real Live, and more.

Originally from the suburbs in Paris, Benito moved to Montreal in 2011, continuously digging for records and DJ’ing for breakdance battles and live events across the world. Five years ago, he joined Uglypitch Records, home to artists including Mehdi Cee & Sqreeb, Tha Soloist, and KVNB. That’s where he released the Flash Kick Beat-Tape together with the label’s founder, Sqreeb.

Jota Rodriguez – Misunderstood
Son A Bluntz – Don’t Snooze
Devaloop – Nino Senja
AK420 – It Depends
Boom Bap Project – Odds on Favorite
All City – Move On You (Remix)
C Boogie Brown –  I ‘ll Always Be Around
Erick Sermon – Do Your Thing
Example – Slow Motion
Devaloop – Mend The Funk
Blaque Spurm – Nonoxynol Rhymin’
90sFlav – Illusive
Mental Ward – Choose Ya Fate
Da Minds Of Sol – Blinded By Da Light
LethalNeedle – Instru Undercover
Mobb Deep – Rare Species (59th Street Bridge Remix)
Street Connect – Rollin’ Over You
Rey Ocho Uno – Alright
Obscure Disorder – Lyrically Exposed (Part One)
Unanimous – Freshest On the Mic (Remix)
Real Live – Real Live Shit (Remix) Outro
Hi-Tech – 4 Degrees for the Streets
Numskullz – Trouble On My Mind (Remix)
Nine – Whutcha Want
Damu The Fudgemunk – Over Throne

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