LP pre-orders for ‘Ancient Methods’ by Spectacular Diagnostics

LP pre-orders for ‘Ancient Methods’ by Spectacular Diagnostics

The latest offering on Rucksack Records: the Ancient Methods LP by Chicago-based producer Spectacular Diagnostics. A big bang of beatmaking matter: from cut-up jazz keys to distorted sci-fi movie dialogues. And from echoes of traditional Bollywood chants to three features by Armand Hammer’s Billy Woods & ELUCID and New Kingdom’s Nosaj who, in contrast, break down traditions to shape their own.

Last week’s first single “Raw Transmissions” marks the lift-off towards the release of the full album on November 26th. The ‘DIY Extinct Sleeve’ edition with an LP-sized sticker sheet is already sold out on Bandcamp. Pre-orders for the regular record are still available on Bandcamp.

“To me, the term ‘ancient methods’ is a reference to my process,” says Robert Krums a.k.a. Spectacular Diagnostics. “I still primarily sample from vinyl and physically dig for records. Even all the movie dialogue. So in some ways, I feel like a dinosaur in the way I work and approach my creative process. Ancient Methods feels like the full evolution of my sound and my ability to craft a seamless record that tells a story. With that said, getting Armand Hammer and Nosaj as the guests set the tone. Their skill level and years mastering their craft are pretty untouchable.”

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