Video: Julian Sartorius – Beat Diary (Trailer)

Video: Julian Sartorius – Beat Diary (Trailer)

Swiss drummer/producer Julian Sartorius started the year 2011 with a challenging resolution: craft a beat every day for one entire year. Beat Diary is the result of his impressive mission consisting of 365 organic productions. It’s released in an analogue manner: twelve 12″ records, a photo book with 365 photos, a poster, and a download code for all tracks.

Beat Diary Snippets

All recorded tracks were created without electronic effects, samples or loops. Every single hit was actually played and all the sounds are real – only overdubs were used. Beat Diary isn’t your average collection of (hip hop) beats; it sounds more like Amon Tobin on drums.

The Beat Diary box is set for a release on December 14th in a limited edition of -of course- 365 pieces. Watch an introductive video below to get to know the artist behind this project. Pre-order Beat Diary over at Everest Records and pick your own unique number.


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