DJ SP – Watch The Sound Vol. 1 (Visual Mixtape)

DJ SP – Watch The Sound Vol. 1 (Visual Mixtape)

Stefano Pugliese (in short: DJ SP) has been a staple in the Amsterdam hip-hop scene for over two decades now. Also, it can’t go unmentioned that he was part of the local Fat Beats store back when that still graced the Singel–but let’s not lose ourselves in a trip down memory lane…

Instead, this is about another trip down memory lane. Because DJ SP’s new Watch The Sound visual mixtape is exactly that. One hour of 80s and 90s hip-hop videos and tracks mixed together.

According to an interview with Patta, he’s been scouring the outskirts of the internet for music videos for about 8 years now, resulting in a collection of 15.000 videos. DJ SP: “I tried keeping the mix pretty balanced. I could’ve gone way more obscure with it. But for an introduction, it should have some familiarity. It definitely has shit that people won’t know about, a couple of surprises. I didn’t want to make a 90s party banger mix but it definitely has some 90s hits.”

Gang Starr, Biggie, ATCQ, Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Black Moon, Kool G Rap–you know where this is going. Press play and you can fill in the blanks yourself:

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