Saxophone covers of ‘HUMBLE.’ & ‘Redbone’ by Keith Cooper (of ArtOfficial)

Saxophone covers of ‘HUMBLE.’ & ‘Redbone’ by Keith Cooper (of ArtOfficial)

Saxophonist Keith Cooper of hip hop band ArtOfficial has started a Youtube-channel only eight months ago, sporadically uploading saxophone covers of songs he loves. Including these ones of Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” and “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, and previously of Kanye West’s “Wolves” and “Saturn Barz” by Gorillaz.

On “Redbone” he’s assisted by Stige (raps) and Ralfy Valencia (electric bass solo), and on “HUMBLE.” by Ted Zimmerman (trumpet). Fun covers to check out.

If you’re not familiar with ArtOfficial yet, I recommend to add their Goon Trax full-length debut Fist Fights And Foot Races to your list of finds. It dates back to 2008, and includes the subtle underground jazz hop hit “Big City Bright Lights“, which later got the remix treatment by Japanese producer Shin-Ski. Recommended!

Or if you are familiar with them, only one question remains: why haven’t there been any new albums since 2011’s Vitamins & Minerals?

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