‘Sketchy’ Skating over a Catchy Groove (New Thijsenterprise)

‘Sketchy’ Skating over a Catchy Groove (New Thijsenterprise)

When a skateboarder lands a trick sloppy, it’s called ‘sketchy.’ This new single by Dutch beatmaker and saxophone player Thijsenterprise is called after that skate lingo – hear that oddly satisfying bassline and it all makes sense.

‘Sketchy’ is the last single before his full-length record drops. After chopping up samples for two soul-heavy, Bandcamp-only beat tapes Soul Food & Skunk Breaks and Night Store Beats back in September, there’s no place for such smoothness on the upcoming vinyl record.

Instead of soul flips and hints of his love for beats by Dilla and Knxwledge, the Lahringen LP boasts an off-kilter clash of jazz, hip-hop, punk, and African music. Or as brilliantly put in the album liner notes by John-Paul Shiver: “Repurposing discordant sounds, as an alchemist traveling through time, Reinier Thijs sounds at home. Clearing out space, grounding up source material, for the cruise. Truth be told, he’s confessed to pulling attitude and sound inspiration from The Lounge Lizards and James Chance. It’s unmistakable and you can hear it. But the combination of new school beatmaking tactics, via scientists Makaya McCraven and Jeff Parker, who’s shown it’s far more interesting tossing out the rule book, see Reinier come full-circle with the wide spectrum of his sound jacket.”

The Lahringen LP is available for pre-order in a limited run of 300 copies. Manufactured a stone’s throw away from the Dutch city of Harlingen this record was named after. High-quality pressing by Deepgrooves on 180 grams vinyl, to be released November 27th.

You can order the vinyl record on Bandcamp. or at retailers such as HHV RecordsRough Trade, Juno, or Norman Records.
Listen to ‘Sketchy,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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