Stream: Oddisee – People Hear What They See (2012)

Stream: Oddisee – People Hear What They See (2012)

The highly anticipated brand new album from emcee and producer Oddisee is now available for purchase from the good people over at Mello Music Group. Oddisee approached this record with a rather unique approach and wrote the songs outside while observing and taking inspiration from people around him.

The album is a hugely impressive and cohesive piece of artistry that will undoubtedly have melodies and rhymes sticking in your mind for months.

With each release Mello Music Group are really establishing themselves as a driving force in hip hop and this album is no different. Oddisee is certainly one of the most exciting artists in hip hop today, his beats and rhymes are undeniably fresher than a waterfall of Kool-Aid. Cop the new LP digitally on Bandcamp or go find it in your local record store, just make sure to get this amazing music in your collection!


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