Stream: Madlib – Hold The Organ (Rock Konducta Vol. 1-2)

Stream: Madlib – Hold The Organ (Rock Konducta Vol. 1-2)

The time to expand your Beat Konducta collection has almost come: on December 10, a vinyl-only advance edition of the first volume will be released through Madlib Invazion, followed by the official release of the double album Rock Konducta Vol. 1-2 in Spring 2014.

Madlib‘s Rock Konducta finds its inspiration in underground rock scenes from the 1960s to 1980s, including Krautrock, American psychedelia, prog-rock, African “Zamrock,” and early-80s oddities.

“Hold The Organ” is one of the over 30 tracks on Rock Konducta Vol. 1-2, and is the second teaser after “Black Widow.” Roaring guitars over a filthy production. We can’t wait.


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