Stream: Kwala – Luminous Things (2012)

Stream: Kwala – Luminous Things (2012)

Project Mooncircle division Finest Ego, best known for the global beat maker compilations, will be releasing a series of albums and EPs by promising experimental hip hop and electronic musicians. Today 19 year old Kwala’s EP Luminous Things drops digitally and limited chrome cassette tapes. 

Luminous Things is a fitting title for these 7 atmospheric compositions full of quirky drums and glitched ethereal vibrations. Kwala likes to let his music speak for himself and this EP marks his most mature and impressive release to date. Layers of complex patterns and riveting beauty soar through the airy yet dense beats. Check out the album and get ready for a lot of amazing stuff coming out of the Finest Ego camp.


1. Sail The Wooden Horse (featuring Roof Light) 02:33
2. Lost Woods 04:01
3. Autumn Yearning 02:54
4. Fünke 01:56
5. Yesteryear 01:26
6. Music Is Nahmburs 01:52
7. Forest Bellows 02:07


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