Stream: Arts The Beatdoctor – Lost Track Of Time (Unreleased 2002​-​2012)

Stream: Arts The Beatdoctor – Lost Track Of Time (Unreleased 2002​-​2012)

Lost Track Of Time is a new compilation by Dutch beatsmith Arts The Beatdoctor consisting of unreleased material from the last ten years. Arts will drop one track a day astream throughout this month, but the full 30-track compilation is already available on Bandcamp for some pocket money.

Based on the first two tracks, “All We Are” and “These Pieces Fit”, Lost Track Of Time is not a collection of random mediocre left-overs, but quality tunes from his dusty archives. Sample-based soundscapes and downtempo atmospheres with the beatdoctor “choppin’ shit up like helicopters.

The compilation includes remixes of tracks by Miles Tackett’s funk band Breakestra, emcee Joe Kickass, and soulful vocalist Senna, and two bonuremixes by Xploding Plastix and Ninja Tune’s Yppah. The artwork and track liner notes are done by Utrecht-based designer Nick Liefhebber.

01 All We Are
02 These Pieces Fit
03 Between The Lines
04 All This Time
05 Looking For Clues
06 Breakestra – Hiding (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
07 Midnight Oil
08 Push On
09 Arts The Beatdoctor & BLESS of SHAHMEN – Part of the Crow
10 Cellar Door
11 Backward Interlude
12 Quiet Chords
13 Highway Hypnosis
14 Hikari
15 Googolplex
16 Joe Kickass – Black Coffee (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
17 Forever Repeating
18 Rewrite It
19 Early Light
20 Hard To Find
21 How It Ends
22 Snow
23 Senna – Hide (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
24 Solitaire
25 Cloud Nine
26 Body Double
27 Bird’s Eye
28 Arts The Beatdoctor & PAX – Complete
29 All We Are (Yppah Remix) – (bonus track)
30 Complete (Xploding Plastix remix) – (bonus track)


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