Stream: 100 most influental tracks on Soundcloud

Stream: 100 most influental tracks on Soundcloud

Of course most of you are already aware of the blooming music platform that is Soundcloud. But here’s something new: SoundCloudWall. A music chart publishing a playlist of the 100 most influential tracks on SoundCloud. The charts are updated every month.

The selections are definitely on point and it’s great to see many familiar faces. DZA, Bun, Handbook, Teebs, Floating Points, Prof.Logik, Knxwledge, Tall Black Guy Productions, Onra, amongst others.

‘The Wall’ uses a ranking algorithm that takes into account who created each track, whose commented on each track and whose favourited each track. The more influential the users are that create, favourite or comment on a track, the higher it’s ranking will be. This is unlike the traditional charts which are simply a measure of how many people like something.

100 Most Influental Tracks // 1.000 Most Influental Users


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